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The Foundry

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"The Foundry"
The Foundry.jpg

The Foundry is one of the available environments in Battle Bay. It is the last known arena. Located just next to Crash N Burn, this monstrosity of an arena is a home to the crew. It is unlocked at 900 infamy. The waves I'm pretty sure are even stronger than Crash N Burn, so be EXTREMELY CAREFUL OF YOUR SHOTS. The Foundry is like an abandoned mine located in the far back of the Home Island. The Foundry was once a temple/mine until it got torn apart by battle ships and became a monstrosity of a target for more battle ships. "An issue (I'd change it if I could figure it out) on an iPad the dark blue background isn't showing, leaving light blue text on a white background... it's incredibly hard to read"


Both Crash N Burn and this have at least some jagged rocks in the arena.