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The speed queen of the bay, Speeder gets you where you want to go…or away from things you want to avoid. She excels at hit and run tactics and can get to the capture point before anyone else. What Speeder loses in defense, she makes up for in raw speed and maneuverability. Speeder and her specialist crew members Swift and Sinklair form a game changing tactical element for any battle.

MK1 is unlocked from the start for ? gold, MK2 is unlocked at captain level 11 for 185,000 gold, MK3 is unlocked at captain level 16 for ? gold, MK4 is unlocked at captain level 21 for ? gold, MK5 is unlocked at captain level 30 for ? gold, MK6 is unlocked at captain level 39 for ? gold, and MK7 is unlocked at captain level 48 for 5,050,000 gold.

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

MK Health Defence Speed Ship Agility Turret Agility
1 450 HP 0 DMG 1.13 (Max: 1.54) 49.5° (Max: 71.3° at all levels) 34.2° (Max: 77° at all levels)
2 680 HP 0 DMG 1.03 (Max: 1.54) 44.8° 31.7°
3 1000 HP 0 DMG 0.89 (Max: 1.62) 39° 28.5°
4 1300 HP 0 DMG 0.86 (Max: 1.62) 37.5° 27.3°
5 1750 HP 0 DMG 0.83 (Max: 1.7) 36.6° 26.2°
6 2000 HP 0 DMG (Max: 1.7)
7 2300 HP 0 DMG (Max: 1.74)

Slots and Slot Points[edit | edit source]

Note: Needs MK5, MK6, and MK7 information.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Speeders are great at using agility to employ strategies that no other ship can use. There are a number of these different strategies that can be used...

Supportive Role[edit | edit source]

A supportive Speeder doesn't focus on dealing damage - rather, it focuses on helping teammates deal damage. These Speeders can support their team by using its yellow item slots for a variety of purposes. They can equip speed-boosting items to enable them to distract enemy fire by darting back and forth at the front line. Or, they can equip debuffing items to slow down or stun enemies.

Supportive Speeders generally equip mid to long range weapons, and Turbos or Bandages to help them survive.

Unfortunately, however, supportive-class speeders are vulnerable to sneakerfire. (This means damage dealt from an enemy ship behind them.)

Aggressive Role[edit | edit source]

Aggressive Speeders use close-range weapons such as Carronades or Grenade Launchers to quickly approach and damage specific targets. Its yellow items are usually focused on helping themselves accomplish their goal - these would include speed-boosting items, as well as Tesla Bolt and Tesla Shield.

During combat, these Speeders employ hit-and-run tactics against vulnerable targets such as Fixers. Or, if a single enemy ship were to be separated or otherwise isolated from their team, the Speeder would quickly approach and eliminate them.

This isn't always effective though. Any ship far from a speeder can easily annihilate the Speeder itself without that player realizing.

Miner[edit | edit source]

Mines can be commonly found on Speeder loadouts. These Speeders focus solely on laying mines around enemy positions, denying access to certain areas or making maneuvering very difficult. They almost exclusively equip speed-boosting items in other slots.

Unfortunately, an unlucky Miner speeder can run into other mining speeders, meaning that ship can easily get blown up.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Note: Needs MK7 photo.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • With 1.74 max speed at MK7, this ship is the fastest ship in the game.
  • Speeder, along with Fixer, are the only two ships to lack base defense.