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Shooter brings the pain. This ship is specialized in damage dealing. With more weapon slots than any other ship, she is a formidable beast of a ride. Red means danger. The Shooter has the most weapon slots in the game, allowing it to deal the most damage out of all the ships. Bhurt and Mortimer rule the decks of this crimson monster. This ship is designed for players who want damage.

MK1 is unlocked from the start, MK2 is unlocked at captain level 10 for ? gold, MK3 is unlocked at captain level 16 for ? gold, MK4 is unlocked at captain level 22 for ? gold, MK5 is unlocked at captain level 29 for 3,000,000 gold, MK6 is unlocked at captain level 39 for ? gold, and MK7 is unlocked at captain level 48 for ? gold.


The shooter has some noticeable changes as you go through the levels.

Level 1:

When you first get the ship, you will notice that the thrusters are exposed and there isn't a lot of red armor. The armor appears to be mostly white.

Level 2:

By this Mk, you will notice more red armor covering the ship. Also, there are red markings on the bottom armor. Some of the armor is still exposed, however.

Level 3:

Now, you should notice that the upper armor is raised, and you can see a small white stripe. Also, there is a white part of armor covering the bottom, so less of the armor is exposed. However, there is a thin slit which there is exposed armor.

Level 4:

At this point, the Shooter looks similar to the Mk3, execpt there is a tiny bit more red armor covering the ship.

Level 5:

There is an notable change with the ship design.

At this point, all the exposed armor has been hidden up by the gigantic amount of red armor on the ship. There is some white on the armor.

Level 6:

There are thruster rings around the thrusters. There is still white on the armor. Also, the white streaks seem to have grown longer. There is now 3 black lines.

Level 7:

At this point, there are red blades with white inside them on the side of the ship. Also, the entire ship is covered up by now.


The MK6 shooter icon is seen on the battle overview on the amount of kills.

The MK3 and 4 shooter look somewhat alike, but the MK4 has a little bit of red armor on the thrusters.

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

MK Health Defence Speed Ship Agility Turret Agility
1 500 HP 0 DMG 1.08 (Max: 1.38) 34.7° (Max: 71.3° at all levels) 32.5° (Max: 77° at all levels)
2 800 HP 5 DMG 0.94 (Max: 1.38) 28.7° 30.5°
3 1100 HP 10 DMG 0.78 (Max: 1.42) 24.3° 26°
4 1500 HP 15 DMG 0.74 (Max: 1.42) 21.3° 24.5°
5 2300 HP 20 DMG 0.7 (Max: 1.46) 20.4° 23.5°
6 25 DMG (Max: 1.46)
7 30 DMG (Max: 1.5)

Slots and Slot Points[edit | edit source]

Note: Needs MK1, MK2, MK3, MK6, and MK7 information.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

There are some roles a shooter can play:

Offensive role:

Shooters have lots of weapon slots. This allows them to keep up a steady stream of damage output even with weapons that have long cool downs. Weapons with short cool downs, such as Cannon, generally don't work well with Mk 4 or higher Shooters, even though Cannon has a high DPS. This is because the cool down is so short that you aren't utilizing the large number of weapon slots the ship has. For example, if a Mk 4 shooter equipped four Cannons, each Cannon would cool down faster than you could cycle through them. You are better off equipping only one Cannon, and then three other weapons with long cool downs so that you can use the Cannon while your heavier weapons are reloading.

Diversity is key to building a strong Shooter loadout. Since Shooters are a team's primary damage dealers, it is essential that they are able to inflict that damage no matter the situation. For instance, if the main engagement is occurring under a low obstacle, a Shooter with three different mortars will be virtually disabled. Typically, a Shooter will want at least one Cannon-type weapon (or other weapon that shoots a projectile straight forward), at least one Mortar-type weapon (anything from the Mortar family or the Fire Bomb), and at least one Torpedo-type weapon. This allows a Shooter to be useful in any engagement scenario.

For blue items, the best options are usually Shields, Turbos, or Bandages. Turbos are practically required in order to dodge torpedo and mortar fire, since Shooters are very slow without them. Bandages are useful when there are no Fixers on your team, and Shields work well in boosting durability. Gear Lube and Rudder generally aren't necessary because most combat for Shooters take place at long distances where a slow turret or ship rotation isn't too detrimental. A shooter is a mostly offensive-type ship, so players should take advantage of that.

Gallery[edit | edit source]