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Shooter brings the pain. This ship is specialized in damage dealing. With more weapon slots than any other ship, she is a formidable beast of a ride. Red means danger. The Shooter has the most weapon slots in the game, allowing it to deal the most damage out of all the ships. Bhurt and Mortimer rule the decks of this crimson monster. This ship is designed for players who want damage.

MK1 is unlocked from the start, MK2 is unlocked at captain level 10, MK3 is unlocked at captain level 16, MK4 is unlocked at captain level 22, MK5 is unlocked at captain level 29, MK6 is unlocked at captain level 40, and MK7 is unlocked at captain level 48.


The MK6 shooter icon is seen on the battle overview on the amount of kills.

The MK3 and 4 shooter look somewhat alike, but the MK4 has a little bit of red armor on the thrusters.

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

MK Health Defence Speed Ship Agility Turret Agility
1 500 HP 0 DMG 1.08 (Max: 1.38) 34.7° 32.5°
2 800 HP 5 DMG 0.94 (Max: 1.38) 28.7° 30.5°
3 1100 HP 10 DMG 0.78 (Max: 1.42) 24.3° (maximum: 71.3°) 26° (maximum: 77°)
4 1500 HP 15 DMG 0.74 (Max: 1.42) 21.3° (maximum: 71.3°) 24.5° (maximum: 77°)
5 20 DMG (Max: 1.46)
6 (Max: 1.46)
7 (Max: 1.5)

Slots and Slot Points[edit | edit source]

Note: Needs MK1, MK2, MK3, MK5, MK6, and MK7 information.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

A great strategy for MK3 is to equip a rare Tier II Ballpark Mortar, a rare Tier II Blast Cannon, and a rare Tier II mine. However, this may not work, so be focused. Also, if your Shooter is a MK4, then keep the same combination except it would be recommended that you also add an incendiary weapon, like a rare Tier II Flare Gun, Napalm Launcher, and/or Fire Bomb.

For blue slots, it is recommended that you use rare Tier II shields, then equip turbo for escaping mortars.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Note: Needs MK7 photo.