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Slot Red2.png
Cooldown 22.2s
Projectile Speed 40
Description The ultimate weapon in terms of damage per hit. Reloading takes a while though, so try not to miss.

Railgun is a point damage weapon that deals more damage than any other point damage weapon, but has a very long cooldown. In addition, the Railgun's damage decreases as the user gets closer to the target, with the exception of Tesla Shields which always take full damage. It receives a majority of its talents from Dr. Buzzkill's talent tree.

Perks[edit | edit source]

The following perks are exclusive to Railgun:

Railgun Damage
Uncommon +3%
Rare +5%
Epic +8%
Railgun Cooldown
Uncommon -2.5%
Rare -3%
Epic -4%

The following event perk is exclusive to Railgun:

"Shock" Railgun Damage
Uncommon +3% more damage, +10% chance to stun the target
Rare +5% more damage, +15% chance to stun the target
Epic +8% more damage, +?% chance to stun the target
Legendary +8% more damage, +25% chance to stun the target
Event Introduced In Total Mayhem - June 1 - 4, 2018

Patch History[edit | edit source]

  • 2.0 Update - March ?, 2017: Railgun now has a minimum range to deal 100% damage. The damage % decreases as the enemy is closer to you.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Advantages and disadvantages

The Railgun is a high-cooldown 2-slot point weapon that just obliterates any ship in its way. However, in return, the Railgun has the longest cooldown of all items in Battle Bay. The thing that is the second (and third) biggest downside to this item? Decreased damage at point-blank range, and the fact it only fires straight. A shot wasted, a shot down the drain. Early on, it is best recommended to NOT use it altogether. Here are some reasons why:

  • First off, Dr. Buzzkill isn't there.
  • Second, the long cooldown, as well as the high limitation for all weapon slots on ALL ships.
  • Thirdly, most players do like to fight far, but many, MANY enemies will try to engage in close combat, so it's not worth your fire.
  • Lastly, you (before 2.6) aren't able to pair it with ANYTHING at all, so a MK1 strategy with a Railgun? DOWN THE GARBAGE BIN AND INTO THE DUMP.
  • Useless at point-blank combat.

Okay, those are some downsides. But never mind. Now it's time to look at some advantages:

  • The high amount of damage. The Railgun, even at common rarities, can be powerful when used correctly.
  • Point damage, so no mortar stressing for Speeder and Enforcer builds. You might not be an Explosive Cannon, with its splash damage, but you deal enough damage to get at least a few kills.
  • VERY, VERY effective at long range.


The Railgun is the best overall weapon in terms of Damage Per Second. In return, however, it has the highest cooldown, and should not be used on Fixers. However, later on, Dr. Buzzkill has talents that increase the damage of the Railgun, to make every hit hurt A LOT, and even talents that reduce the cooldown (only very, very, later on). Honestly, a Railgun-Cannon combo work well, because of the Cannon's short cooldown, you are able to dish out damage, even while your Railgun is on cooldown.

Strategies and builds:

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