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The Fixer changes the way battles are played. Fast and durable, she moves around the battle, applying damage here, repairing an ally there. If you get her in your sights, take her out quickly, before she gets away and repairs back to full health. This weird machine and crew members Feelix & Dr. Buzzkill fit together like nuts and bolts.

MK1 is unlocked at captain level 7 for ? gold, MK2 is unlocked at captain level 12 for ? gold, MK3 is unlocked at captain level 16 for ? gold, MK4 is unlocked at captain level 22 for ? gold, MK5 is unlocked at captain level 29 for 2,850,000 gold, MK6 is unlocked at captain level 40 for ? gold, and MK7 is unlocked at captain level 48 for ? gold.

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

MK Health Defence Speed Ship Agility Turret Agility
1 600 HP 0 DMG 1.01 (Max: 1.38) 34.7° (Max: 71.3° at all levels) 38.5° (Max: 77° at all levels)
2 800 HP 0 DMG 0.94 (Max: 1.38) 30.7° 35.7°
3 1300 HP 0 DMG 0.77 (Max: 1.42) 26.3° 32°
4 1900 HP 0 DMG 0.73 (Max: 1.42) 24.8° 30.7°
5 2130 HP 0 DMG (Max: 1.46) 23.8° 29.4°
6 0 DMG (Max: 1.46)
7 0 DMG (Max: 1.5)

Slots and Slot Points[edit | edit source]

Note: Needs MK2, MK3, MK5, MK6, and MK7 information.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Tactic One: move with friends. The Fixer is surprisingly stout and can move in to take part in active combat. Best practice is to manage your healing slot and damage slot cooldowns in order to keep friendlies up and contribute damage to unfriendlies.

Tactic Two: rush the capture point. Because of its slot layout and health the Fixer can move to the point at the beginning of the round and act as a deterrent. This also gives friendlies a fixed point to rally to for repairs.

Considerations: Initial engagements indicate that a sniper fit gives the Fixer a noticeable advantage. A smart unfriendly team will Mark the Fixer as primary target, since it can most likely heal itself and others.

Current Fit: Sniper Cannon Repair Bolt Bandage

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Note: Needs MK7 photo.