Big Berta

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Big Berta
Big Berta.png
Slot Red2.png
Cooldown 15.6s
Range 25
Radius 3.3
Description This humongous mortar launches an equally gigantic mortar shell that explodes upon impact.

Big Berta is a mortar that deals much more damage than any other mortar, but has a much longer cooldown as well, along with using 2 slot points instead of one. It receives a majority of its talents from Mortimer's talent tree.

Perks[edit | edit source]

The following perks are applicable to all mortars:

Mortar Damage
Uncommon +2.5%
Rare +5%
Epic +7.5%
Damage to Frozen Targets
Uncommon +4.5%
Rare +9%
Epic +12%

The following event perk is applicable to all mortars:

"Reach" Mortar Damage
Uncommon +2.5% more damage; +5% more range
Rare +5% more damage; +8% more range
Epic +7.5% more damage; +10% more range
Legendary +7.5% more damage; +12% more range
Event Team Deathmatch - May 24 - 28, 2018

Strategies[edit | edit source]


The Big Berta is a pretty powerful weapon in Battle Bay. However, it is also a hard-to-hit weapon. Pairing it with a Cannon will usually be a "lifesaver", because of the high cooldown. Be aware though, the slow projectile speed will make Speeders and fast-moving Enforcers a pretty annoying nuisance to deal with. It is useless at long range, because a long range weapon that was meant to be a short-range one will be pretty much useless, because the slower the projectile speed, the more you're gonna have to focus.

Using frost with it is also a wise decision, since frost chains very well with the Berta's enormous base damage. Speeders can utilise the Berta to great effect at MK6, using the Frost Launcher as a two slot point yellow item.

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