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Get your ship together!

Battle Bay is Rovio’s first real-time, PvP multiplayer game, offering players a chance to engage in thrilling 5 on 5 battles on the open sea with other players from around the world.

The world of Battle Bay[edit | edit source]

So, people finally did it. Decades of over-consumption, greed, and pointless wars came back and bit humans in the butt.

Everything went down just as the scientists had predicted for decades: The globe warmed, the sea levels started to rise rapidly, and humans lost the land they inhabited. So they fight each other even more than in the past time. But they have to use all the trash they can get as only source for their war boats. That's why you have to dress warmly and steer the tire under your butt bravely - but sensibly - to be able persisting the battle together with your squad.

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